My Passions

I have a focus on several topics which I have a passion about and love discussing:

  • Work – Strategy formulation and execution, balanced scorecard, methodologies, Project management, organisations and many things including books. HBR and whitepapers
  • Music – I listen to a variety from Blues, classical, rock, pop and dance, the picture is of Pink Floyd album covers
  • Horses – My daughter now keeps four horses and show jumps. I have ridden since a teenager and have also evented and done dressage to a high standard.  We have bred horses so sometimes I like to write on latest horse veterinary things and organisations as I get involved
  • Technology – Always has been part of my business, but also I have always loved new technology especially pioneering ones
  • World strategies and views – our physical environment and where we live is part of our psychy. Yet, we may have a pub conversation or talk with friends over dinner.  I have many views and look at strategy here.
  • How people tick – I have studied NLP and I also love understanding the mind and how humans tick.  I follow many people, but love to discuss this.
  • Sport – I follow Formula 1 and some football as well as other sports and again like to discuss the progress and changes to the sports.

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