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I live, work and play in Bangkok. My play is all about guitars. I enjoy researching guitar and sound equipment and spend more time on this than actually playing. I have 6 x six string guitars, 1 acoustic and 2 Bass guitars. I have 4 amps and 4 pedal boards and two band/looper boards. Bangkok is great for food, I have an on and off gf for the last two and a bit years here. It is also great for live gigs, music venues and shopping malls. A short drive gets you by the river or the sea and historic parks and temples galore. There also lots of pubs full of expats if you want to talk about Western culture. Service is here, as opposed to not in the UK. Thais will fix and do everything you need at a very low price and very quickly. My work is either teaching project management, soft skills or strategy and consulting on projects or soft skills. I am have been in business 30 years and held VP posts in computer hardware and software development. I have ACCA, NLP Master Practitioner and MBA. Enjoy my blog it may have more about music and sound equipment than anything as that is my passion at the moment!


This has been updated on 17 October 2014. The Laney IRT Studio is such a good amp that you really do not need a lot of FX as it has built in reverb and with 3 channels you can drive … Continue reading

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Guitar Update

After a lot of testing including the MM JP13.  This is a powerful guitar with the new Illluminator pick ups great fro heavy rock and metal with a boost switch which gives a huge hike in volume.  Great for concerts … Continue reading

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iPad Air and the apps I use

On 15 Nov I purchased the iPad Air.  I have had an iPhone 4 since they came out so I am familiar with IOS and IOS7. The main reason I purchased was the apps it runs.  I have 3 screens … Continue reading

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Update on guitar and equipment

Well, times moved on and I now have the Apogee Gio, despite it being old it works and it works well, took me 10min to set up Mainstage with the conert template it comes with. I have sold my Fender … Continue reading

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Recording, Amplification and Live Performance

In the last few days I have been looking at how to record using my MacBook pro, whether to purchase Logic Pro X and Mainstage and how to connect my amp or guitar to the Mac.  Many people use iPads … Continue reading

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Modifying my Parker Fly Classic Guitar

I recently have looked at Adrian Belew who has a Parker Fly Signature and also Alex Hutchings who uses Waghorn guitars.  Both use special synth and styles which is a mix of jazz, blues and fusion.  I have a 1997 … Continue reading

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Innovation Techniques

Introduction In business and economics, innovation is the catalyst to growth. Innovation is the development of new customers value through solutions that meet new needs, inarticulate needs, or old customer and market needs in value adding new ways. This is … Continue reading

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