The Waghorn Sauria S6 is in the house

I collected my Waghorn Sauria S6 in July and now it is the main guitar I use.

The Waghorn Sauria S6 is described on their front page under the June 2014 news item including pictures.  However, the Tronical auto tuner just didn’t work as perfectly as I wanted, so Tom replaced it with Schaller heads.  That is the only difference between it and as described.  I am kinda of disappointed as I wanted to experiment with open tuning a lot, but the guitar just did not stay in tune and for the first week or so I had trouble getting on with a guitar that constantly went out of tune.  I think Tom is still discussing the return.

This guitar has African Mahogany and resonates like crazy compared to any guitar I have. The reason I chose this is I was impressed with the Suhr Modern Satin use of this wood and how it resonates. I am very pleased it turned out the same.  I chose a 10 – 14 radius and 4.1mm at the nut (a la Axis) as I liked the Suhr originally.  I added luminous dots as I have trouble seeing in the darker places.  To add to its looks I requested a Spalted Maple top for looks and Tom did a fantastic job with the build of the guitar.  He also shortened and stylised the tremolo as I wanted it.  I went with the same pickups as Alex Hutchings AH6 (DiMarzio Air Norton S, True Velvet and Transition) as I love his sound and wanted to be able to reproduce it.  When I had a class with Alex he emphasised posture and position of the guitar relative to your hand/arm as if having a foot rest and playing like a Spanish guitar in an upright position.  So Tom positioned the strap buttons to balance the guitar so that it hangs naturally like that.  I have replaced the fender strap locks that I hate with Ernie Ball ones, all my straps and guitars use these so it is easy to interchange straps.  I have been using Mono straps, but now I am trying out a Neotech Slimline one with Memory foam for comfort. Strings wise it I use D’Addario 9s. Alex I think uses 8s with a 16 radius.  I wanted the guitar to be light and it weighs in at 3kg.  It would need to be a lot thinner and a lot more sculpted to get it to Parker Fly land which was the guitar I was replacing.

To support the piezo side I have acquired the Laney A1 Acoustic amp.  This amp has full control of equalisation, pads to boost the tone of the piezo input and also has an array of FX suited to acoustic guitars.

I use a planet waves stereo cable which has two inputs.

So my set up now is magnetic pups go through my pedal board, then to the ME80 then the left channel of the RC300 into the Laney IRT Studio left hand output, the acoustic plug goes into the RC300 right channel instrument input and then the RC300 right output goes to the Laney A1 amp.  I can therefore create loops with either or both pickup set ups which when I work out how to use it fully will give me some interesting backing especially on the acoustic, heavier Led Zep arrangements.

The switch that is magnetic, both and piezo only therefore controls output to both the amps.

See the FX section in the blog, but I have modified my board now to include the Wave switch loop, 8 channels 4 per channel, then in the return send, Wampler Tape Echo, TC Electronics flashback mini and chorus corona mini, MXR Phase 90.  On the input side I have Wampler Ego, Dual Fushion, Fulltone OCD, Boss DS-1X and EH Big Muff Nano.  With the loop I can stack the pedals to explore different settings, this on top of the IRT Studios already super boost and lead channel change.

The Wave output then connects to the left channel instrument of the ME80 and output into the RC300 left instrument channel and then out into the Laney IRT Studio.

The IRT studio is connected to my Mac using the USB cable and the A1 is connected to the Presonus Firestudio for inputs to the Mac.  I therefore have two inputs to Logic Pro X that I use right now.

Before I acquired the Waghorn, I had acquired discrete guitars to support my recording being Yamaha Pacifica JT for single coil, Warwick Corvette Rockbass, Yamaha CPX50 II (same woods asa the Taylor Grand Orchestra) acoustic, Musicman Axis Super Sport for dual humbuckers.  I have now acquired my jazz box being an Ibanez AK95.  This is a great semi acoustic guitar with the same woods as the Gibson ES175. I have gone one step further and changed the pups for Gibson 57 Classics.  When we had done that it still sounded too bright for jazz, so we changed out the capacitors in the tone controls for Gibson bumblebee tone controls and that did the trick.  This is a well built guitar with all gold and beautiful inlays.  It is no longer produced by Ibanez and has been superseded, but for me at the price it is a great Jazz box.  I use Gibson L5 strings 11 – 52.  However, saying this when I put it through my pedal boards and especially with the Fulltone OCD it sounds like a fantastic blues ES335 or even a Les Paul when I use the Boss DS-1X.  Whoa interesting for recording some passages in arrangements.  The Waghorn has its own character with some Fender strat and tele tones in there, so I am still seeing where I use that as a specific sound.  I love it, but its kind of unique a la Alex, but my playing is not as strong, accurate or precise as his, so I have the tone, but create a different sound.

I will update this as time moves forward including links to YouTube when I start recording.


About roberttwiddy

I live, work and play in Bangkok. My play is all about guitars. I enjoy researching guitar and sound equipment and spend more time on this than actually playing. I have 6 x six string guitars, 1 acoustic and 2 Bass guitars. I have 4 amps and 4 pedal boards and two band/looper boards. Bangkok is great for food, I have an on and off gf for the last two and a bit years here. It is also great for live gigs, music venues and shopping malls. A short drive gets you by the river or the sea and historic parks and temples galore. There also lots of pubs full of expats if you want to talk about Western culture. Service is here, as opposed to not in the UK. Thais will fix and do everything you need at a very low price and very quickly. My work is either teaching project management, soft skills or strategy and consulting on projects or soft skills. I am have been in business 30 years and held VP posts in computer hardware and software development. I have ACCA, NLP Master Practitioner and MBA. Enjoy my blog it may have more about music and sound equipment than anything as that is my passion at the moment!
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