Update on guitar and equipment

Well, times moved on and I now have the Apogee Gio, despite it being old it works and it works well, took me 10min to set up Mainstage with the conert template it comes with.

I have sold my Fender Strat and my Parker Fly!

I have ordered a Waghorn custom guitar based on Sauria S body shape, but challenging Tom to get to 2kg.  We are looking at African Mahogany which is a lighter wood. Hardware not complete yet, but we will use Hottip trem with midi and piezo bridge pickup.  Then I am going to try both DiMarzio Pafs and Suhr SSV pickups.  3 configuration.  11cm 4.2cm width neck, 24 frets.  So midi and normal set up.  Hopefully, it will be ready June 2014, watch this space.

So enough of kit, now I am focusing on building my Jazz fusion playing.

I have acquired the Boss RC300 looper and it is great edition.

I have tried the Suhr Modern and am not keen on these SSV neck and SSH plus bridge pickup. I also tried the Musicman Axis Super Sport, the sound I like from Alexis Hutchings, but again I found them a little muddy and the tone control almost pointless. I am finding the JT Yamaha Pacifica to be far more responsive.

Next up to try is the Musicman JP13 which has the new Illuminator DP256/257 pickups with a booster switch, it will be interesting if they are better.


About roberttwiddy

I live, work and play in Bangkok. My play is all about guitars. I enjoy researching guitar and sound equipment and spend more time on this than actually playing. I have 6 x six string guitars, 1 acoustic and 2 Bass guitars. I have 4 amps and 4 pedal boards and two band/looper boards. Bangkok is great for food, I have an on and off gf for the last two and a bit years here. It is also great for live gigs, music venues and shopping malls. A short drive gets you by the river or the sea and historic parks and temples galore. There also lots of pubs full of expats if you want to talk about Western culture. Service is here, as opposed to not in the UK. Thais will fix and do everything you need at a very low price and very quickly. My work is either teaching project management, soft skills or strategy and consulting on projects or soft skills. I am have been in business 30 years and held VP posts in computer hardware and software development. I have ACCA, NLP Master Practitioner and MBA. Enjoy my blog it may have more about music and sound equipment than anything as that is my passion at the moment!
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